July 13, 2021

Leh, Ladakh

Dear Runners,

Recently we have seen a surge of tourist activity in Ladakh, undoubtedly due to a decline in
cases following the devastating second wave. We are all united by the hope of returning to
the previous carefree days of travel. However, we cannot help but consider the manner with
which healthcare resources in Ladakh have been stretched thin.

The success of Ladakh Marathon has been due to the support of the local administration:
the police, volunteers, armed forces and healthcare workers. The Ladakh Marathon, as
many may know, was created to encourage determination and resilience in our youth. We
strongly believe that these qualities are not compatible with, and are in fact contradicted
by, short-sightedness and complacence.

Our observation of the ongoing windfall of tourists, and increasing anxiety regarding a third
wave, has helped us come to this resolution. With the health and wellbeing of this
community, including all the runners and their supporters, as our number one priority, we
have come to the difficult but necessary decision to cancel all the races of the 9th Edition of
the Ladakh Marathon which were supposed to be held 8th-12th September.

We are optimistic that the 2022 Ladakh Marathon will continue the tradition to hold the
event with the full support of the runners, the local community and administration.
For those who registered in 2020, your registrations will be valid for the 9th Edition to be
held in 2022 from Thursday 7th to Sunday 11th September.

We advise everyone to be judicious in following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022. Till then, stay safe and keep running!


Chewang Motup Goba

Race Director – Ladakh Marathon