In 2010, Ladakh was ravaged by devastating flash floods. An already challenging environment, which could only be tackled by a hardy people like the Ladakhis, was rendered even more hazardous. People lost their livelihood, their lives.....


Ladakh Marathon was started in 2012 to show the world that Ladakh was up and running. The Marathon was also started to encourage the youth to take up running not only to lead a healthy lifestyle but also to give them a platform to participate and perform at a competitive level.


From 1,500 participants in the 1st edition in 4 disciplines/runs to close to 6,000 participants in the 10th edition in 6 disciplines/runs, from India and around the world, Ladakh Marathon has grown over these years. Organising such an event in such a harsh environment and high altitude is a big challenge. Over the years, we have had and continue to have the growing support of the UT Administration, the LAHDC, numerous associations, village societies, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Ladakh Scouts and the ITBP which makes this event even more special.


Being a very unique race in the Himalaya with its stunning & picturesque landscape of mountains, rivers & valleys it is growing in participation each passing year.


Ladakh Marathon is an annual event certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and one of world’s most important high altitude marathons. It is a key stop on the global marathon calendar!


The 72km ultra Khardungla Challenge, considered one of the toughest races and ultimate test for endurance, grew from 11 participants in 2012 to close to 250 participants in 2023. This race is becoming one of the most prestigious Ultra Marathons in the world attracting ultra runners from across the globe.


Beginning from the 8th edition of Ladakh Marathon, a conscious decision was made to reduce the use of single use plastic to protect our fragile environment. We remain committed to same in achieving our ideology of “leave only footprints behind” in the years to come.


Our goal remains to make Ladakh Marathon most reputed high altitude marathon and attract the best of runners from around the world leaving them with lifelong memories and a chance to say they ran Ladakh, the world’s highest marathon.