The ancient ‘Silk Route’ across the Karakoram pass connected North West India with Central Asia from Yarkhand, Kashgar and Turkestan. This route was strategically important and one of the longest trade routes in ancient time. It was not only an exchange of commodities but also a cultural exchange of customs that took place till the mid 20th century as this is seen in the rich cultural heritage that Ladakh has to offer. As this famous Silk route passed through the Nubra Valley (Ldumra – the valley of flowers), this race has been aptly name the Silk Route Ultra.

This ultra race is for all those who have been running the Khardungla Challenge for several years and for those ultra runners and Ironman athletes who always want to test their endurance further.

Number of participants to this race is restricted to a maximum of 50 runners. This ultra race is scheduled for Thursday 07 September 2023, starting from the village of Kyagar. 

122K elevation profile


DISTANCE: 122kmDATE: Thursday 07 September 2023
REPORTING PLACE & TIME: Ladakh Marathon Hub – on Wednesday 06 September at 9 amRACE START TIME: 7 pm on Thursday 07 September – Kyagar Village Nubra
AGE LIMIT: Participant should be 24 years or older as on race dayELIGIBILITY: Participant who fulfils any one option listed below is eligible to APPLY

a) Finisher of Khardungla Challenge 2022
b) Finisher of Khardungla Challenge of previous years but either having an ultra marathon (over 100 km) certificate OR a marathon (under 5 hrs) in past three years prior to race day
c) Finisher of two ultra marathon over 100 km in past three years prior to race day
d) Finisher of a WTC Ironman race in past three years prior to race day.

Application will be confirmed once documents submitted towards eligibility criteria have been verified within 5-7 working days, after which payment link will be shared. The Organiser reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any participant who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in this race.
CERTIFICATION:Certificates will be given to participants according to stages attained by them. And Finisher certificate will be given to participants who attain / reach “Finisher” stage with official time along with a medal


This is a manually timed race. The below will be strictly followed:

From To Distance (Km) Cut-Off Time Stage
Start Khalsar 27.6 10:30 pm / 3 hrs 30 mins I
Khalsar Khardung 22.4 02:30 am / 7 hrs 30 mins II
Khardung North Pulu 17.1 6 am / 11 hrs III
North Pulu Khardungla Top 15.1 10:30 am / 15 hrs 30 mins IV
Khardungla Top South Pulu 14.3 1:10 pm / 18 hrs 10 min V
South Pulu Mendak mor 12.1 2:50 pm / 19 hrs 50 mins VI
Mendak mor Leh Market(Finish) 13.4 5 pm / 22 hrs Finisher

Please note that these points and times are subject to change should the organisers deem it necessary. The final cut-off is at 22 hours (5 pm) and if you have not reached the cut off points within the given time as stated above, you must leave and retire from the race immediately and get on to a sweep vehicle. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.


(Inclusive of 18% GST)

  • Type I – Foreign nationals – US$ 400
  • Type II – Indian nationals who live outside Ladakh – Rs 25,000
  • Type III – Ladakh residents & serving Indian Defence Personnel – Rs 16,000
  • Type IV – Veterans (50 years and above) – Rs 20,000 or US$ 320


Bibs will be distributed on 30th and 31st August 2023 at NDS Memorial Stadium grounds in Leh. Participants have to collect their bibs in person and are requested to bring out original photo ID as same is also required for Inner Line Permit.


Participants will have to report at 9 a.m. on Wednesday 06 September 2023 at the Ladakh Marathon Hub in Leh. They will be transported to the starting point at Kyagar village in Nubra Valley where accommodation is provided by the organisers in a homestay / guest house inclusive of all meals. Participants are requested to bring out their own sleeping bags and headlamps.


There will be baggage deposit counter at the starting point. And along the course there will be 3 places to layer off clothes at North Pulu, Khardungla top and South Pulu. Belongings can be collected at the finish point.


Beginning with the 8th edition of Ladakh Marathon in  2019 , we have made a conscious decision to make this event free of single use plastic. We are thankful to all participants and request for continued support in our effort to reduce the use of plastic and help us in protecting our fragile environment.

Hydration and Aid stations will be located at every 10km interval from start point to the village of Khardung. From here on hydration / aid stations will be located at every 5km interval . There will also be mobile units along the course of the race providing drinks and snacks. Hydration & Aid stations will provide with:

  • Water – refill facility – participants  are requested to bring out their own hydration packs  and bottles
  • Energy drinks served in biodegradable cups
  • Snacks are free of plastic wraps and include fresh fruits, dates, boiled potatoes, jaggery etc

Toilets facilities

Toilets facilities along the course are environment friendly dry pits.


An extension and part of the Khardung la Challenge route, this race begins in the little village of Kyagar (3140 m) in Nubra Valley, also home to Chewang Motup Goba, the founder of Ladakh Marathon. Passing through  the village of Kyagar, the course takes you up to Samstaling monastery from where you descend  through the backroads of Sumur village to Sumur Chowk. From Sumur Chowk you run along the ancient Silk Route (now the Leh- Nubra highway) to reach the bridge on River Shyok. You then run uphill to the village of Khalsar (3264 m) where the Indian Army has a base. Leaving Khalsar behind it is a gradual ascent to the village of Khardung (3975 m). From here on you will be running alongside the runners of the Khardungla Challenge across the Khardungla pass (5370 m) to Leh town.