These must be adhered to strictly and the organiser has the right to verify the age of participants before, during and after the race.



a) Please do not apply more than one entry per person. Multiple applications will be rejected. However participants of the Khardung La Challenge and Silk Route Ultra can also register for any of the other four races of Ladakh Marathon that are held two days later on Sunday 08 September 2024.

b) Before submitting application an applicant must ensure to provide true, accurate, current and complete information as requested in the application form. Application will not be accepted if an applicant knowingly submits false information.

c) By submitting a registration application, all participants agree and accept to the “Terms and Conditions” and “Acknowledgement of Risks & Indemnity Agreement” of the Ladakh Marathon. And if a participant is below the age of 18 years, the guardian has to confirm his/her relation with the participant and agree and accept to the "Terms & Conditions" and “Acknowledgement of Risks & Indemnity”

d) Participants of 11.2km Run, Half Marathon, Marathon, Khardung La Challenge and Silk Route Ultra are to provide details of previous marathons along with finisher certificates as per the Eligibility Criteria at the time of registration.

e) All participants must agree and sign the Risk & Indemnity Agreement. And if a participant is below the age of 18 years, the guardian has also signed the ‘waiver’ and written his/her relation with the participant.

f) Application fee - Please read this section before you register.



Participation in the event is subject to entry confirmation. Entries will not be accepted if:

a) Finisher certificates submitted as proof of eligibility criteria are found to be incorrect.

b) Submission of incorrect documentation or information of your entry.

In such cases the entry/registration shall be deemed cancelled and registration entry fee paid will be non-refundable.


Last date to register for the 11th edition of Ladakh Marathon is Sunday 7th April 2024.



By submitting application participants also acknowledge and agree that they need to arrive in Leh town as per guidelines recommended by Ladakh Marathon. Acclimatisation is imperative and important if you are a participant of the Ladakh Marathon.



a) Cancellation of registration is permitted up to May 15, 2024 and is to be communicated in written from your registered email ID to Processing fee of Rs 400/- will be deducted and balance amount refunded back to your account.

b) Request for cancellation / refund will not be entertained beyond May 15, 2024 except for serving defence personnel category.

c) If your application/entry is rejected by the organisers for reasons whatsoever, the registration fees will be refunded back after deducting a processing charge of Rs 400/-

d) Registration fees shall not be refunded by virtue of non-participation, including failure by a confirmed participant to collect his/her bib from the Ladakh Marathon Expo or not allowed to run on the race day if found not fit to run.

e) Any refund discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the Ladakh Marathon team immediately. Such discrepancies will not be entertained post 30th June 2024.

f) Change of race category is permitted ONLY up to May 15, 2024 by way of written intimation to the organisers from your registered email ID to Participants will be charged Rs 1,000 (Indian Nationals) and US$20 (Foreign Nationals) towards processing fee. Please ensure timely written intimation for any change of race category.

g) Transfer of registration to next year is permitted ONLY up to May 15, 2024 by way of written intimation to the organisers from your registered email ID to Post 15th May no request for transfer shall be entertained. Please ensure timely written intimation for transfer of registration.


  • It is mandatory for all participants to collect their running BIB in person. Please schedule your travel plan and itinerary as per BIB collection dates.
  • Entry or BIB is non-transferable to any other participant / person.
  • Your official race BIB number is important. Therefore please ensure that it is displayed during the entire race.
  • Do not alter the BIB number in any manner.
  • No one else may wear your BIB number.
  • If any participant is found wearing another participant BIB, he/she will be disqualified and not allowed future participation in Ladakh Marathon.
  • Running BIB must be pinned properly to the front of your t-shirt and clearly visible at all times.
  • Folding or covering any part of your BIB may result in disqualification.
  • Do not forcefully bend, crease or fold your BIB.
  • Make sure to fill out necessary information on the back side of your Bib.z

BIB Collection dates - It is mandatory for all confirmed participants to collect running BIB (and timing chips) in person. Please schedule your travel plan and itinerary as per bib collection dates listed below:

For the Silk Route Ultra and Khardungla Challenge – Tuesday 27th August and Wednesday 28th August 2024.

For Marathon – Sunday 1st September and Monday 2nd September 2024.

For Half Marathon, 11.2km Run and 05km Run for Fun - Sunday 1st September to Tuesday 3rd September 2024.



  • Ladakh Marathon will use a timing chip for the timed races (11.2km Run, Half Marathon , Marathon, 72km Khardung La Challenge and 122km Silk Route Ultra)
  • Timing chips must be attached to your BIB to score the race as per instructions provided.
  • This timing chip must be worn on the race day, attached properly to the BIB.
  • The chip must be attached from Start to Finish in order to be recognised as completing the race and receiving an official finish time.
  • The timing chip identifies your bib number and should not be worn by any other participant.


(i) Participants must follow the instructions and directions of the organisers, race officials, course marshalls, race volunteers, city volunteers at all times.

(ii) Participants must conduct themselves in sportsmanlike manner and respect race officials, fellow runners, and the local people of Ladakh.

(iii) The organiser reserves the right to disqualify participants who refuse to follow instructions of the race officials.



Official Time and Net Time (with Start and Finish times) will be provided for participants who have completed the races within the specified cut-off time. Your net time will be your official time.



Any person who is suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the event. The organiser reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any participant who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.



Race day images of all the races of the participants will be screened visually after the race. Where any of the participants is found not wearing the running bib allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that bib will be disqualified from the race and the subsequent edition of this event. Further, participants grant to the Ladakh Marathon, and its promoters and organisers, the exclusive right to the free use of their name, race day images and videos for the promotion of the Event across all social media platforms including any broadcast, telecast, and advertising.



In case the event is cancelled due to circumstances that are beyond the control of the organisers or force majeure, all confirmed registrations for the year will automatically be carried forward to next year in same race category. There is no refund of fee in case of event cancellation except for serving Indian Defence Personnel.



(i) The Event organiser reserves the right to modify and update the course, or make any other amendment to the Event and race day procedures that it deems necessary to stage the Event. Any change to the Event will be communicated to participants.

(ii) Should the course distance be reduced in accordance with condition (i), for the avoidance of doubt you agree that the Event is still deemed to be staged and that the organisers will not be liable to you for any refund.



The application form and the right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the participant under this application form is at the sole discretion of the event organisers and promoters, RIMO EXPEDITIONS, and cannot be transferred to any other participant / person under any circumstances. The actual participant alone shall be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.