The Ladakh Marathon Running Team

The Ladakh Marathon was founded to encourage the young people of Ladakh to live a healthy lifestyle by taking up running, and by becoming more aware of the need to protect a stunningly beautiful, yet environmentally fragile region. The main aim was to give the youth of Ladakh a platform to realize their dreams and potential.

We believe that the Ladakhis being born at such high altitude have a natural advantage in endurance sports. If given the right exposure and training they have the potential to excel in the field of long distance running.

To give the local runners an exposure to International races, the organisers of Ladakh Marathon (Rimo Expeditions) has been sponsoring the Ladakhi winners of the Ladakh Marathon to participate in various marathons held in different parts of the country, the most prominent being the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (now TATA Mumbai Marathon). These runners are also being coached under the dedicated guidance of some of the renowned trainers we have in our country.

We are very pleased to share that these local runners of Ladakh have done tremendously well in the past years by not only improving their individual timings but also achieving podium finishes at different marathons around the country.

We aim to groom these young Ladakhi Runners and someday these runners will do our country proud.

Ladakh Running Team in Mumbai for the prestigious TATA Mumbai Marathon 2018